Philosophy and History

HERMANN LANGE – a company with a long tradition and unique philosophy

HERMANN LANGE has a long history and is one of the oldest German fashion companies. 80 years ago the company was founded by Hermann Lange and Hermann Schnier. Today Ulrich and Reinhard Schnier run the company to be succeeded by the next generation, Marten and Christian Schnier, who have already taken on further responsibility. The HERMANN LANGE headquarters are located in Bielefeld / Ostwestfalen, in the heartland of the German fashion industry.

The company’s activities encompass design, development, production, quality control & customer service. Technical and business training and career progression for our employees has always been the focus of attention for the firm. More than 2000 trainees served their apprenticeships here, receiving formal training & gaining qualifications as their careers developed.

Our focus has always been to provide festive clothing for any occasion. Any fashion-conscious and elegant lady will find a variety of choice from HERMANN LANGE for her outfit. Our qualified production team provides and guarantees perfect processing and customized fitting in all sizes up to 54.

HERMANN LANGE COLLECTION provides perfect matches for favourite outfits – up to the occasion, spot on in style. And “select!” guarantees admiring looks for just that extra bit of fashion.